Copyright And Contracts

Copyright is important to preserve artistic rights and protect livelihoods. Knowledge of image copyright is low, and now that image files are easy to copy, the need to educate is more pressing.  A parallel search is underway for ways to protect image copyright by technical means.

Copyright information carried in the image as metadata is a vital protection, but there is as yet no technical means to make it permanent. Protection comes from a combination of education, copyright information,  systems which make it easy to pay tfor images, and legal redress when rights are violated.

Contracts are just as important, especially in those areas where the law is murky (see the article on the Corel Bridgeman Case).

Here you will find:

  • information on model release issues and copyright
  • articles on personality rights and copyright issues
  • links to copyright organisations

Electric Lane helps clients create legal and ethical frameworks for image use, and advises on systems for logging important image information. We work with specialist lawyers to create informed, robust contracts.