Keywording And Image Search

With millions of images circulating on the internet, the success of a digital image library depends critically on its keywording. How can customers find the image they need, what are their search patterns and how can we make it easy for them? 

There is no one system that suits all comers, but the global market place demands keywording systems which are customer friendly, economic and translatable.

Commercial image libraries have been developing keywording systems for many years and are well versed in the behaviour of their clients. But every image collection needs to draw its own conclusions based on its business model, customers and resources.

We have a number of articles on keywording and its issues and links to resources on the internet for more information and keywording services.

Electric Lane helps organisations set up  controlled vocabularies and database systems. Informed by experience in the commercial image library and not-for-profit sector, we can advise on systems which are productive and sustainable. 

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