PPA Magazine Conference - Metadata Developments

 Sarah Saunders joined Jonathan Moore to present the session Digital Future at the PPA's Magazine Conference on 7 May. 

After Jonathan's review of the Pic4Press guidelines, Sarah updated delegates on the issue of Metadata. As usual, the message was get the label on the picture.  

She discussed the latest developments in IPTC Core. 

  • There are now additional IPTC fields (IPTC Core Extension)
  • The BAPLA Pic4Press panel is ever more important
  • Model release, property release, have been added
  • Credit line mapping has been defined. 
  • Unique identifiers for images and rights holders have been added  
  • Controlled keyword lists are under discussion (interoperability and translation issues)
  • Licensing information can be carried in the image file (PLUS initiative)
  • Publishers need to understand their metadata requirements
  • Make use of the benefits of automated metadata handling
  • Ensure their software is metadata friendly

 Sarah Saunders works with the IPTC Photometadata Working Group on behalf of BAPLA.