IPTC/PLUS Photometadata Toolkit

We have been working with the IPTC and PLUS to make use of metadata more user friendly.

Now you can enter data into IPTC Core and Extension and PLUS fields using a simple IPTC/PLUS panel interface.

The IPTC and PLUS Photo Metadata Toolkit for Adobe CS3 to CS5 products was released on July 15, and can be downloaded for free from the IPTC site.

The toolkit includes a Bridge metadata panel which allows users of CS3, CS4 and CS5  to extend their use of metadata to include  IPTC Extension and PLUS fields as well as IPTC Core.

Two user guides are included in the Toolkit, one for the
out-of-the-box CS5 IPTC  Photoshop panels, and one for the IPTC/PLUS Bridge panels.

Scripting was done by Graeme Cookson. Sarah Saunders worked with the IPTC team assessing and testing the panels and user guidelines.

The new panels were scripted in Javascript and work in Bridge versions 3, 4 and 5. They provide the user with new productivity tools which make it easier to enter, import and export data.